In an ideal world, every sales appointment you attend would be with a client who is already interested in your product or service. You can then focus your time on converting these warm opportunities into sales, without having to spend your time trying to sell cold, uninterested leads.

At UK Sales & Marketing Solutions we fill diary with appointments with interested, relevant decision makers, maximising the use of your sales team. After initial consultation we work with you to identify and segment your ideal opportunity profile. We can then source the relevant, targeted data for the campaign.


Whilst calling, our team will record details of level of interest, the key decision makers and other relevant information that may help your campaign. We keep track of interested contacts and make the follow up calls necessary to secure appointments.

Often we will work with our clients for a set number of days each month, so this process can be managed and results optimised. All information is collated and graded, providing a simple, clear system that enables easy identification of future sales opportunities, even if your campaign with us has ended.

We operate as part of your company, calling in your name and can send emails on your behalf also from an account with your domain if appropriate. This means that as a minimum, we are spreading your company’s name and providing overviews of your products and services, which can generate business further down the line.